You may have read my previous blog on the Revalidation process in the UK for HCPs, which was titled: “eLearning – Revalidation for HCPs“. This blog post is an expansion on that one in terms of implementing a strategy to collate, process and report CME/CPD points for HCPs using an eLearning portal built around a Learning Management System (LMS). The primary focus on this blog post will be the reporting of these CME/CPD points for HCPs who use the portal/lms.


The key requirement for HCPs for completing eLearning or any other learning activity, such as attending a webcast or watching a recorded webinar is to gain CME/CPD points that these activities may offer. In various projects I have worked on with my company JZero in delivering online content to HCPs, I have found nothing that entices an HCP to consume and engage in consuming your online content than when its been accredited and therefore has CME/CPD credit points value to them. As over the past 5 years in Europe, North America and certain Asian countries, the requrements for HCPs to gain a certain amount of CME/CPD credit points has become mandatory. So these HCPs in these countries will always seek out accredited content to get these valuable CME/CPD credits! (Note I plan on writing another blog on the challenges one faces in getting content accredited as this topic is worthy of its own blog post).

So this is where the reporting of these CME/CPD Credit points becomes key and these are some of the solutions we at Jzero have worked on developing within our eCME focused projects:

  1. Transcripts: This is a reporting function we have developed within our LMS where the HCP can go run a single report that shows them all their completed learning, date of completion and the CME/CPD credits they have achieved. This single page report is useful where they can use this for their appraisal process or sending an annual report of their CME/CPD credits to their relevant HCP chambers, licensing body or health authorities within their country.
  2. Learning Tracker with certificates: This is an extension on the traditional LMS learning plan where the learning tracker has a section to allow HCPs to see their completed learning and offer an option to print out their “learning certificates” which show the learning content title, CME/CPD Credits, accreditation code, and their HCP numbers. In countries like Germany and Spain, we also developed a solution where the certificates had a barcode value for the HCPs practice ID and the accredited content’s ID, whereby it allowed them to print the certificate and take it/send it to their reporting body to be scanned in for their annual reporting requirementments.
  3. CME Points Web Service: This is an automated web service we have developed to allow for CME/CPD points to be reported to external systems from our LMS. For example below are two such automated web service based reporting we have done:
    1. In Germany we report the data of HCPs Accredited content completions and their CME credits earned to the Health Authoties via their EIV reporting web service.
    2. In the Netherlands the medical authories have a reporting service called PE online to which we leverage our CME Webservice to report CME credits achieved by our Dutch HCPs to PE Online on a weekly basis.

So as you can see that over the past few years working in the CME Learning space we have developed various solutions to make it easier for our HCP users to be able to report back on their CME/CPD Credits earned. We at JZero continue to develop these solutions and also expand on other simpler ways to ensure HCPs can get their learning done and reported in the most efficient manner possible to allow them to focus on their core need to service their patients!




eLearning – Revalidation for HCPs

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  1. Hey there! Just finished reading your article on CME/CPD points management for healthcare professionals. What a fantastic breakdown! As a healthcare provider myself, navigating the intricacies of continuing education credits can be a maze, and your piece shed some much-needed light on the topic.

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