LMS for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

JLMS Cloud has been developed over the course of many years providing online learning and webinars to allow HCPs to achieve and manage their Continued Medical Education (CME) accreditation.

JLMS Cloud has been used in partnership with Pharma and pharma marketing companies to deliver CME education online through a centralised portal or embedded content, allowing HCPs to access the available CME content with ease. The solution is also fully scalable to grow with partner solutions and also can be customised to:

  • Offer content and portal offered in different languages/locale.
  • Offer content targeted to different HCP types such as: Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists or General Practitioner.
  • Offer content that is online as eLearning or as physical/online classes or as webinars.

Key Features and Benefits


SCORM and Tin Can Compliant, Mobile and Tablet friendly


Scalable, enterprise friendly solution based on usage, with extensive and straightforward Administration capabilities


Engaging and intuitive interface for users and Administrators with full capability to brand the UI as your own


Course Catalogue browsing and Personalised Learning Plans with automated rules based content assignment to streamline your processes


Social and Informal Learning, Gamification and Leader Board, Keyword and Advanced Searching


Integration with systems such as Active Directory and HR systems


Dramatically reduces the costs of delivering training and cuts down the time to get people trained


Organises all of your content in a central location


Gives your learners 24 hour access to learning content and tracks the usage and performance of your learners


Ensures your organisation remains up-to-date with compliance requirements


Easily update course content for all learners


Blends self-paced training with face-to-face, virtual, hybrid and social learning


Leverages Cloud based hosting to lessen the burden on your IT

For your Learners

  • Catalog Browsing
  • Personalised Learning Plan
  • Classroom Course Booking
  • Keyword and Advanced Searching
  • Training Reports
  • Forgot Password retrieval
  • Help, FAQ’s and News pages
  • Personalisation options for time zone, date formats, list display orders and more

For your Administrators

  • Interface Localisation, Site Configuration and Customisation
  • Manage Organisational Hierarchy, Manage Learners
  • Manage up to 18 different levels of Administrator types
  • Course Management and Classroom Course Booking Management
  • Learning Plan and Catalogue Rules for Automation
  • Comprehensive Suite of Reports
  • Data uploads for Learners and Courses
  • Add custom pages to your site


JLMS Cloud for HCPs allows you to quickly and effectively deliver a CME training strategy to ensure your HCP customers get the knowledge they need.

If you are looking for an integrated learning platform to support your CME training needs, please  contact us to discuss your requirements.

Frequently asked questions for HCP customers

How does the LMS cater to the unique training needs and compliance requirements of healthcare organisations and HCPs?

Our LMS is designed to address the specific training needs and compliance requirements of healthcare organisations and HCPs. Additionally, our platform enables you to create and upload customised courses tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements.

Does the LMS support various accreditation and certification programs essential for HCPs?

Yes, our LMS seamlessly supports various accreditation and certification programs required for HCPs. We provide functionality to track and manage certifications, offering easy access to accredited courses and ensuring that your professionals stay up-to-date with their professional development and certification requirements.

Does the LMS offer comprehensive reporting tools to assess the effectiveness of training programs and monitor the progress of HCPs?

Our LMS provides comprehensive reporting tools to help healthcare organisations assess the effectiveness of their training programs and monitor the progress of HCPs. The platform offers various reporting options, delivering meaningful insights into individual and overall cohort performance, compliance adherence, and knowledge retention.

Can the LMS scale to accommodate varying team sizes and support the ongoing changes in training requirements of HCPs, departments, and facilities?

Yes, our LMS is designed to be highly scalable, accommodating varying team sizes and adapting to ongoing changes in training requirements. The platform’s scalability and flexibility ensure that it remains an effective and efficient training solution as your healthcare organisation evolves or expands its services.

Can I manage Instructor Led Training for face-to-face, virtual and hybrid training events?

Our TEMS (Training Events Management System) module provides the ability to schedule physical, virtual or hybrid events for your courses. You can have a mixture of delivery types for events within a single course so you are not limited in any way.

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