What services do JZero offer?

JZero Solutions has been developing elearning platforms and solutions since 1997 and we know that an LMS on it’s own cannot meet all of our clients requirements. We have a number of additional services that compliment any LMS implementation. Whether you need assistance in planning your elearning strategy or require some bespoke development, JZero has the experience and expertise to help you deliver your plan.

Elearning Consultancy

With our collective experience with major corporations around the world, we are in a unique position to offer consultancy advice on how best to maximise the effectiveness of your Learning Program. We can review you current system, and provide professional advice on how to obtain the best ROI for your Learning Budget.

Course Development

We can provide a complete Elearning Content Development Service, or we can provide a more selected set of services to fill in the gaps of your own capabilities. With our experience in SCORM, AICC and responsive based learning, we will ensure that what ever course you need built , it will be compatible with industry standards, and at a inexpensive cost.

System Integration

Any successful software company must have the capability to link with other systems. We call this ‘bridging systems’ and we are experts at doing this. If you have any needs to bridge data or services between systems, then we can assist you in doing this at reasonable rates and quickly. Let us know what systems you are trying to bridge, it is likely that we have already done it previously and you can take advantage our pre-built modules.

Bespoke Development

JZero’s expert experience and an efficient offshore operation, means that we can offer professional development services whilst not subjecting you to the difficulties of managing offshore developers yourself. This allows you the advantages of talking to professional staff locally, who will manage the complete life cycle to execute the project. We can offer you the best of both worlds. Professional Development services at very reasonable rates.

If you have a unique requirement, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help you!