Having a good start to the day where you have greater control is critical in achieving better results, and ultimately greater career success,” says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant. Hope you all have realized that “How we begin our morning often sets the tone and our attitude for the day”. It has direct or indirect impact on our focus in work and productivity. As you know our thoughts create emotions so believe me we have power to start our day on a super positive note each and every day.

Here are some tips to help you get in right mind set and set right direction for you:

  • Don’t attach to your thoughts: As mentioned above ‘Our thoughts creates emotions’ so just let them pass through without thinking about it as the less you attach to your thoughts the more you feel relaxed and feel peace throughout the workday.
  • Look for positivity around you: It will always be easier to have good day if you start with and fill your head with positivity. Spend some time in reading an inspiring book, watch motivational videos, start your day with morning walk, do some exercise or play with your pets.
  • Organize your day and arrive on time: We have to schedule our time well in advance and minutes in details so to be stay organized in day to day life. Book some grey time (Buffer Time) in your schedule. Buffer time is important to help us keep up and stay aligned. Always remember that the first hour of your work day is very important to see and check the priorities and for focus on what your need to accomplish. Update your to-do list and try to stick to it. Also you have to make sure that you reach to your workplace on time or before time as showing up late can not only create a bad impression but also throw of your entire day. Try and reach 5 or 10 minutes before office time so that you have some breathing space and you can be relaxed before starting actual work.
  • Avoid Negativity: You always have to avoid negativity. We have to keep cwpid-i-can-and-i-will-quote-1-1alm and take a deep breath when we come across such situation. We also have to be ready for criticism and know how to apologise. We have to develop learning attitude and improve ourselves.
  • Be kind to yourself: Don’t be so harass to yourself. Reward yourself and celebrate your success. You are what you choose to be in life and you can choose to surround yourself with people, tactics and methods for coping with tough challenges.

Hope above tips help and you start enjoying your workday!

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