LMS for Non-Profit and NGO organisations

The most important aspect for a non-profit organisation is its mission, so training for employees and volunteers needs to be as easy as possible.

JLMS for Non-Profit organisations makes the management and delivery of training a simple task. With simple user management, content automations and much more, we have built a system with ease of use in mind.

It can be accessed from any device and any location to make it even easier to manage your training from wherever you are.

What’s more, our pricing for Non-Profit organisations is straight forward too. A flat fee per year regardless of the number of learners and a discount for multi-year options.

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Key Features and Benefits


SCORM and Tin Can Compliant, Mobile and Tablet friendly


Scalable, enterprise friendly solution based on usage, with extensive and straightforward Administration capabilities


Engaging and intuitive interface for users and Administrators with full capability to brand the UI as your own


Course Catalogue browsing and Personalised Learning Plans with automated rules based content assignment to streamline your processes


Social and Informal Learning, Gamification and Leader Board, Keyword and Advanced Searching


Integration with systems such as Active Directory and HR systems


Dramatically reduces the costs of delivering training and cuts down the time to get people trained


Organises all of your content in a central location


Gives your learners 24 hour access to learning content and tracks the usage and performance of your learners


Ensures your organisation remains up-to-date with compliance requirements


Easily update course content for all learners


Blends self-paced training with face-to-face, virtual, hybrid and social learning


Leverages Cloud based hosting to lessen the burden on your IT


JLMS for Non-Profit organisations and NGO’s allows you to quickly and effectively deliver a training strategy to ensure your employees and volunteers get the knowledge they need. Spend more time on your mission and less time managing your training delivery.

Frequently asked questions for Not for Profit customers

How does the LMS cater to the unique training needs and compliance requirements of not-for-profit organisations in the charity sector?

Our LMS is designed to address the specific training needs and compliance requirements of not-for-profit organisations in the charity sector. Additionally, our platform allows you to create and upload customised courses tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

Does the LMS offer cost-effective and flexible pricing options suitable for not-for-profit organisations with limited budgets?

Yes, we understand the budget constraints that not-for-profit organisations often face. Our LMS offers cost-effective and flexible pricing options designed to accommodate the financial needs of the charity sector, ensuring that you can access a high-quality training solution that fits within your budget.

Can the LMS support volunteer onboarding, ongoing training, and compliance for a diverse range of roles within the organisation?

Absolutely! Our LMS is specifically designed to support the onboarding, ongoing training, and compliance needs of volunteers across various roles within your not-for-profit organization. The platform offers tailored learning paths, agile user management, and comprehensive reporting tools, making it simple to deliver effective training to your diverse workforce.

Can the LMS enhance collaboration, communication, and engagement among staff, volunteers, and stakeholders within the not-for-profit organisation?

Yes, our LMS incorporates features that promote collaboration, communication, and engagement among staff, volunteers, and stakeholders within not-for-profit organisations. The platform includes social learning tools, and chat activities, encouraging a sense of community and shared learning experiences among your team members.

Is the LMS adaptable and scalable enough to accommodate the evolving training needs of not-for-profit organisations as they grow and change?

Our LMS is designed with adaptability and scalability in mind, ensuring that it can accommodate the evolving training needs of your not-for-profit organisation as it grows and changes. The platform is flexible enough to support new courses, users, and organisational structures, making it an effective long-term training solution.

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