LMS for Corporate organisations

JLMS Cloud has been developed over the course of many years with the functionality within being driven by our clients and their real needs for managing a learning strategy.

JLMS does everything you need for a straight forward, out of the box solution, at an affordable price, and it will look like your own. JLMS is fully scalable and allows you complete customisation capability to reflect your identity and help learners feel at home. All the reporting you need is there too, along with many features to ensure your learners always get to the content they need quickly and easily.

Leading enterprises are required to seek every advantage to stay on top, and to provide their employees with the best advancements available to achieve their goals. To enable this, they need the ability to maintain and develop the skills necessary across the organisation, whilst catering for all the distinctive differences between roles and responsibilities. A Learning Management System must be flexible to cater for all these differences and also have the power to deliver the learning in a simple yet comprehensive manner.

“We needed a flexible platform and a development team who were willing to meet our bespoke requirements. The JZero team have always listened to our requests and worked with us to develop the functionality we need as a business to continually train our staff and ensure EE continues to deliver the customer service its customers expect.”

Learning Technologies Specialist, EE

Key Features and Benefits


SCORM and Tin Can Compliant, Mobile and Tablet friendly


Scalable, enterprise friendly solution based on usage, with extensive and straightforward Administration capabilities


Engaging and intuitive interface for users and Administrators with full capability to brand the UI as your own


Course Catalogue browsing and Personalised Learning Plans with automated rules based content assignment to streamline your processes


Social and Informal Learning, Gamification and Leader Board, Keyword and Advanced Searching


Integration with systems such as Active Directory and HR systems


Dramatically reduces the costs of delivering training and cuts down the time to get people trained


Organises all of your content in a central location


Gives your learners 24 hour access to learning content and tracks the usage and performance of your learners


Ensures your organisation remains up-to-date with compliance requirements


Easily update course content for all learners


Blends self-paced training with face-to-face, virtual, hybrid and social learning


Leverages Cloud based hosting to lessen the burden on your IT

For your Learners

  • Catalog Browsing
  • Personalised Learning Plan
  • Classroom Course Booking
  • Keyword and Advanced Searching
  • Training Reports
  • Forgot Password retrieval
  • Help, FAQ’s and News pages
  • Personalisation options for time zone, date formats, list display orders and more

For your Administrators

  • Interface Localisation, Site Configuration and Customisation
  • Manage Organisational Hierarchy, Manage Learners
  • Manage up to 18 different levels of Administrator types
  • Course Management and Classroom Course Booking Management
  • Learning Plan and Catalogue Rules for Automation
  • Comprehensive Suite of Reports
  • Data uploads for Learners and Courses
  • Add custom pages to your site


In today’s diverse world every enterprise is different, with their own unique culture and competitive advantages. Your learning solution must adapt to how your enterprise works, not force you to adapt to it. JLMS Cloud has been built from the very beginning with a policy of flexibility, of adapting the system to suit each individual enterprise. The Adaptive Learning Architecture allows you to tailor the system to your individual needs, to suit your processes, to suit your enterprise’s unique advantages.

If you are looking to implement a straight forward training platform with straight forward pricing, take a look at JLMS Cloud and see how our scalable, customisable, flexible LMS can help you.

Frequently asked questions for Corporate customers

How does the LMS cater to the diverse training needs and compliance requirements of a Corporate organisation?

Our LMS is designed to address the versatile training needs and compliance requirements of Corporate organisations. Additionally, the platform allows you to create and upload customised courses to tailor the training content to your organisation’s particular needs.

Can the LMS easily integrate with our existing HR, talent management, and productivity tools?

Yes, our LMS has been designed with integration in mind, ensuring seamless connectivity with your existing HR, talent management, and productivity tools. This allows you to manage your employee training, track progress, and generate insightful reports pertinent to your corporate business performance.

Does the LMS offer features to enhance learner engagement and knowledge retention?

Absolutely! Our LMS incorporates various features that promote learner engagement and knowledge retention, including gamification, interactive multimedia, social learning tools, and personalised learning paths. These features encourage active participation, maximizing the effectiveness of your corporate training initiatives.

Can the LMS support multiple languages and regional compliance requirements for global organisations?

Yes, our LMS is built to support multiple languages, ensuring that your global workforce can access training materials in their preferred language. Additionally, the platform caters to regional compliance requirements, enabling you to meet the varying standards and guidelines across different countries.

Is the LMS scalable and flexible enough to accommodate a growing Corporate workforce and ongoing changes in organisational structure?

Our LMS is designed to grow with your organisation. It can accommodate changes in workforce size and organisational structure without compromising its functionality. The platform’s scalability and flexibility ensure that it remains an effective and efficient training solution as your Corporate organisation evolves.

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