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No matter what size organisation you are, the headaches with delivering training are the same, but our Learning Management System (LMS) has got you covered.
Here are some common problems our customers face, and how our LMS can solve them…

Lack of engagement in courses

Our LMS provides interactive features such as gamification, social learning, and multimedia tools to increase engagement and participation. With our platform, learners can easily collaborate with peers, participate in discussions, and access content in various formats such as videos, interactive quizzes, and simulations.

Inefficient tracking of learners’ progress

Our LMS offers robust tracking and reporting features, allowing administrators to monitor learners’ progress and identify areas that need improvement. Our analytics dashboard provides insights into learners’ engagement, completion rates, and performance, enabling administrators to make data-driven decisions and tailor learning experiences to meet learners’ needs.

Difficulty managing course content

Our LMS simplifies course creation and management, allowing administrators to upload, organize, and deliver content with ease. With our platform, administrators can create and modify courses in minutes, add multimedia elements, and publish them to learners with a click of a button. Our LMS also supports various course delivery options such as self-paced learning, blended learning, and instructor-led training.

Limited access and flexibility of training

Our LMS provides anytime, anywhere access to training, enabling learners to access courses from their desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Our platform is also designed to support multiple languages, making it accessible to learners worldwide. With our LMS, learners can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and from any location, making training more flexible and accessible.

How do we help you?

JZero offer the full package when it comes to learning technology.

An LMS to make your life easier

Are you struggling with managing multiple spreadsheets to track your training schedules? Is all your training being delivered face-to-face with huge costs?

Then an LMS is what you have been searching for! JLMS takes away the administrative burden of manually managing your training, making more time for you to concentrate on the important things.

Bespoke system development to your spec

Experience has shown us that one solution does not fit all needs.

Your requirements are unique to your organisation and we know just how important that is to you.

That’s why we work with our customers to build functionality into the LMS that meets very unique requirements and is flexible and adaptable to address the challenges you have.

Need to link with another system? No problem

Integration with other platforms such as HR, CRM, Reporting is what just about every customer asks for nowadays. Having that connected ecosystem all interlinked is what makes things tick.

We have an extensive API and pre-built connectors to make connecting up with other platforms a breeze.

What our clients say about us

JZero have provided a fantastic platform for us to build and develop our online learning offering according to our business needs. This has provided us with the flexibility to keep up with the ever growing changes throughout the automotive industry.

The support services received have been undeniably comprehensive, especially through our development period of trialling new and improved dynamics and functions that we have ambitiously aimed to incorporate.

Ongoing everyday BAU support has been efficient and reliable. The whole team have always been willing to maintain a service we can competently rely on.

Carina Donohoe

Our previous Head of L&D had worked with the JZero team before and immediately knew that they would be a great fit for what AMS needed. The JZero team listened to our requirements and came up with a solution that fulfilled our needs.

The deployment process was straightforward, as they walked us through each stage and ensured everything was set up and that we were trained on how to best use the LMS.

Phillippa Williams

The LMS is very user friendly and gives the flexibility to set up your online learning requirements in the best way to suit your organisation. Built using responsive page design, and a customisable look and feel, the LMS allows you to take your online learning mobile, ensuring that you are able to truly embrace the latest trends in the industry. The system also has very powerful functionality built in such as Training Events Management for classroom based courses, a customisable Catalogue, Pre-requisite setting to enable user development journeys and Forum set-up and Management, among many others.

Working with JZero as an organisation has also been great. The customer service you receive is excellent, with great support and guidance and an enthusiasm to work with customers to tailor the LMS to meet any and all specialised requirements, while offering advice and guidance regarding industry best practice to ensure you are always able to get the best out of the system.

Andrew Boland

If you’re looking to acquire a robust, adaptable, capable and fully mobile technology equipped LMS, then you should definitely check out JLMS. Both the front end and the admin side of the system enables ease of use across all training events and offerings, their online support offers a great portal for all and any issues that keeps you up to date in real time.

Michael Spanner

A Learning Management System For You, Made By Us

We’ve taken the pain out of managing your training delivery!

With simple user management, content automations and much more, we have built a system with ease of use in mind.

You can access it from any device to make it even easier to manage your training from wherever you are.

And it is a Free LMS for up to 10 users, with affordable pricing to allow you to upscale as and when you need to.

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