What is security?

Security is set of measures to protect an application against unforeseen actions that cause it to stop functioning or being exploited. Unforeseen actions can be either intentional or unintentional.

What is security testing?

Security Testing ensures that system and/or applications are free from any ambiguities that may cause any loss. Security testing of any system is about finding all possible ambiguities and flaws of the system which might result into loss of information at the hands of the employees or outsiders of the organization.

Thus, security testing is to identify the threats in the system and measure its potential vulnerabilities. It also helps in detecting all possible security risks in the system and help developers in fixing these problems through coding.

This can lead to disaster when vulnerability in your application is exploited by a malicious third party, with outcomes such as:

  • Tremendous damage to your organization’s brand
  • A permanent loss in customer confidence
  • Expensive vulnerability remediation costs, which are at their peak post-production
  • Legal sanctions and civil grievances, depending on the case in question

There are a wide range of solutions available, from in-program software which checks for common vulnerabilities as your developers write code, to extensive penetration testing.

These are few well known types of security testing:

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Ethical hacking

Don’t consent your application’s security to chance. By running appropriate tests you can intensely decrease the chances of vulnerabilities making it into your deployed applications, and remediate vulnerabilities before they have an opportunity to damage your organization.

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