SCORM Dispatch Feature of JLMS

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The JZero Content Cloud platform is now LIVE and available for you to sign up to. Head over to and check it out! The Dispatch feature of SCORM creates a Dispatch Package from your original course and hence lets you maintain full control on original content. This will help to secure your content even … Continue reading SCORM Dispatch Feature of JLMS

JZero Solutions announces the release of JLMS Cloud

JZero Solutions has announced the release of JLMS Cloud, a Cloud based, SaaS version of its Learning Management System.   JLMS Cloud offers customers a straight forward, easy to use platform for the management of online learning courses and face to face classroom training. Built using Windows Azure Cloud technology, JLMS Cloud provides cost effective pricing models … Continue reading JZero Solutions announces the release of JLMS Cloud