The Shopping Cart Add-On for JLMS Cloud

JLMS Ecommerce is a shopping cart add-on for JLMS Cloud. This allows you to take payments for access to courses and provides the flexibility for managing costs, license terms and more.

Any type of course can be added to the JLMS Ecommerce catalogue meaning you can take payment for any and all of the training that you provide.

With integration into most payment gateways, including PayPal or your own merchant service provider, users can easily purchase access to your courses and receive payment confirmation emails for this.

Full Shopping Cart Experience

Give your learners the full shopping cart experience to allow them to add free courses to their Learning Plan and purchase those where you have applied a cost.

Full Integrated into the LMS Library

As soon as JLMS Ecommerce is enabled, it is fully integrated into the LMS Library, showing users which courses are FREE and the price for those which are not.

Detailed Order Summary Info

Each learner gets a fully detailed order summary for every purchase they make.

Order History

All the details of every order placed is available to provide the full history of purchases made.

Purchased Courses Drop Straight into Learning Plan

As soon as a purchase is completed, the courses drop straight into the Learning Plan for the learner, so that they can access the courses immediately.

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