As you all know that project success is all about the people so hope you know how important and challenging to manage […]
Estimation is most challenging tasks that project managers must face as there are so many uncertainty associated with many activities. Estimation is the […]
I believe no one has problem free life in this world. It’s simply a fact of life. But that is not important at […]
I believe at some point in your life you will be criticized either in your professional or personal life. Sometimes it will be […]
Does anyone know the difference between Respond v/s React? What are you doing when you are in problem? Are you reacting or responding? […]
There are so many people in this world thinks that we are working very hard but we are not getting what we deserved […]
We have written few blogs in recent past about ‘Importance of Learning’. I hope you have seen those if not then please visit […]
Can you imagine Life without learning? Imagine being born and not learning to breathe in the air! You would be dead in no […]