The evolution to a truly blended solution from eLearning to Classroom learning to Virtual Classrooms.
We’ve all been there, where we have a critical piece of information that all employees need to read and understand and need a […]
The onboarding process is a really important part of bringing a new employee into your organisation. Making sure that person has the information […]
Virtual Reality Headsets have been around for quite some time but we are seeing them become much more main stream with wearable technology now becoming popular. […]
Today we have rolled out phase 1 of the JLMS Cloud facelift.  We have made a lot of UI updates which in turn […]
Over the last 15 years developing the Jzero Learning Management System (JLMS), I came to the realisation that for the system to evolve […]
The latest updates and improvements to the JLMS Cloud Learning Management System are now LIVE!  These updates are automatically available for all clients […]
Velfie is a term I have recently come across.  It’s a hybrid of video and selfie, so a video of yourself. This has […]
Social learning has been around for a few years now and essentially came about from the realisation that social media tools such as […]
This post is part of a series looking at the varying functionality in JLMS. Things you might not know about JLMS – Single […]