I see it everywhere nowadays. Content is created by the people, for the people and is shared between everyone using mobile devices. Be […]
Have you ever experienced, that your message is not getting across? Perhaps you are running a departmental meeting or providing training to your team […]
Continued Medical Education (CME) is becoming a key component within the Healthcare Industry and the Learning Management System can complement this need for CME!
I remembered that couple of years back we (including myself) all were complaining that we were not using the latest technology but I […]
Many people think that computer based training (CBT), or “elearning” as we all know it as nowadays, has only been around since the […]
I recently wrote a blog on how we evolved our LMS Solution (JLMS) from a typical eLearning solution with blended learning (Supporting Classroom […]
I have recently been digesting the information from the Towards Maturity report on “Preparing for the Future of Learning“. It talks in depth […]
Pervasive Learning in a nutshell The chances are you have recognised it already in your organisation. Learning that is continuous, connected and community […]
The technology industry is constantly evolving, new threats and challenges are emerging, and IT departments are constantly asked to do more with less. […]
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in eLearning. – Shrinking the circle between the teacher, the student, the worker and you. The Beginning Artificial […]