As you may have read in our previous posts, there are many facets to consider when undertaking an LMS Implementation and getting that strategy right is so important.

The next subject to consider is “Training” on use of the new system.

When considering an LMS Implementation, it is crucial to focus on how training will be handled.

It is necessary for trainers and end users alike to go through training sessions so they can use the program efficiently.

In order to get the most out of your implementation project, it is important that both trainers and end users know in depth how to use the system. This will ensure success for your implementation project.

Here are some key areas to consider:

  • Identify the different groups of system users
    • End Users, Administrators, Managers, Content Authors, HR Staff, Trainers

Tailor the system UI so that it meets individual user needs and gives them easier and better user experience.

  • It is important to make sure that you are meeting the needs of each type of user when designing software. For example, a line manager will not need to know how to upload an updated version of a course – because he does not have permission for uploading courses. Instead, he may only need to understand what changes were made in this update or whether there are issues with what has been updated.
  • Consider one-to-one training for key individual users of the system
    • One-to-one training for users such as Report Administrators will be useful as their use of the system will be key to its success.  Generating inaccurate or incorrect reporting will be detrimental to the perception of the system.
    • One-on-one training sessions can be beneficial for both sides as user Input is what determines how well the system works.

Additionally, speak to your LMS vendor about the training that they will offer and undertake. This should at very least cover Administration training so that your Admins will know how to then train other users of the system.

For all of the LMS rollouts we have been involved with JZero, we have always offered Administration training as part of the license cost…no additional, surprise costs for that!

It is really important for us as the vendor to be comfortable that our clients know how to get the best from JLMS and we will therefore ensure that sufficient training is provided.

Keep an eye out for our next post on this subject as we are nearing the end of the tips for getting the best LMS implementation you can!

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