eLearning has been an increasingly popular way of teaching in the education industry in the last decade.

To successfully provide Learning processes, demand for Learning Management Systems (LMS) has increased massively.

As most of the LMS`s share the fundamental features and core values there is a variety to choose from for you, but those additional specific features that every LMS has is what determines which one is the best for you and your educational processes.

To help you understand how to choose the right LMS for you and how to successfully implement an LMS, we have created a series of blogposts about that topic.

Let`s get right to it!!

Define Clear Goals You Want to Achieve with Implementing an LMS.

There are many factors to consider when formulating a successful LMS and eLearning implementation strategy.

First of all, you need to make sure that your training needs are clearly aligned to your business objective.

Defining this will make any implementation run much smoother and ensure that you will achieve success at every stage of the implementation and afterwards in the educational processes. 

Questions to Ask Before Choosing and Implementing an LMS

Asking yourself some questions will help you to see the correlation between the need and business objective.

Questions that you need to answer to achieve a clear understanding why you need an LMS in the first place:

#1. What are we looking to achieve from implementing eLearning?

  • Management of training?
  • Cost savings?
  • Regulatory compliance?
  • Tracking training processes?

#2. How will eLearning benefit the overall business objectives?

  • Training aligned to business processes
  • Training aligned to job role competencies
  • Better analytics and correct data.

#3. What additional benefits will eLearning bring to the business?

  • Better trained employees
  • Structured career progression for employees
  • More engaged and happy staff
  • More productive workforce

These are some examples of the questions you need to answer but of course not all. After answering these questions, you will more than likely come up with more yourself.

However, the above gives you a good baseline for what you need to determine to ensure your training need is aligned to your overall business objectives.

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