JZero are pleased to announce that version 5.3.3 of it’s JLMS Enterprise Learning Management System is now formally released.

This release includes some great new features which are a combination of requests from our clients and partners, plus innovation from the JZero team.

Here is a full list of the latest features and updates included in the release of JLMS Enterprise:

  • Catalogue Rules in JLMS for Individual Users
    • Admins are now able to create Catalogue rules for individual users and also for Learner types from Admin side menu
  • Course Refresh and reminder functionality
    • The Course Refresh functionality will now send 3 reminders after a course has been refreshed (in addition to the main Course Refresh email) if the user has not completed that course again.
  • Designated Person functionality
    • A Designated Person has the ability to approve requests on behalf of a Manager and also assign users onto courses (like a Manager can do).
  • Set Courses As Not Needing Manager Approval
    • When the Course Assignment Mode is set to “Admin Assign”, this requires all users to have to Request all courses. When the Course Assignment Mode is set to “User Assign”, this allows users to simply add any course to their learning plan. In some cases, it may be needed for users to not have to request some courses and also users have to request specific courses. There are now 2 new configurable flags within the Modify Course Properties page.
  • Mentoring Functionality
    • This is a new enhancement module where any user can apply as either Mentor or Mentee from the Mentoring Navigation.  Admins can set a configuration option for mapping the Mentor Location to a specific Org Group field from the Admin Toolbar. Please contact your JZero representative if you would like a demo of the new Mentoring functionality so as to see if this would be something you would like to make available.
  • Update Adobe Connect integration to use ClassID instead of CourseID including host related changes
    • We were creating Adobe Connect events on Adobe site by setting the uniqueID as the LMS course number but it created an issue while doing copy class for Adobe Connect events as same course number is already created for old event on the Adobe site. So it won’t create new event for copy class having same course number. So we are now passing the Class ID as the uniqueID on Adobe site instead of course number and this now allows Adobe Connect events to be copied within the LMS. The Course Number is also being passed but this is now used to identify the Adobe Connect Shared Template to use for the event so that you can have a specifically set up room for your virtual class. Also when we are assigning the Host for Adobe Connect events, it will also create host user on Adobe site.
  • Time zone DST updates with ICS attachment updates
    • We have made improvements to the LMS Time Zone management for TEMS events in relation to Daylight Savings Time changes so that these are more accurately reflected in the LMS and also on calendar (ICS) attachments for users to save the event into their calendar.
  • Course Usage with Status Report updates
    • Due to the large amount of data that can be queried for the Course Usage with Status report, this was frequently timing out with an error as it was having to check the status of every course for every user. We have now created a utility which will run every night and add data into a new usage report table by truncating it first. So we will have the new data available to be queried directly. If admin create course usage with status report from the admin site without selecting any filters, it will generate instantly for Web and Excel report and we have also added message in header that you will get data up to 1:00 AM of the day you are running the report. This has made the report much more responsive and productive.
  • Course End Date (Due Date) related changes
    • A small update has been made to correctly set the “Complete By” date within the Scheduled Learning section of the Home page, where this is now displaying the correctly calculated date as per the settings in Modify Course Schedule function.
  • TEMS course names update
    • Size of Event name will be changed automatically based on event name text size from Training class page so that the entire course name is displayed rather than cutting this off after a certain amount of characters. So the font size of the course name will now dynamically change to fit the course name into the space available.
  • Editing courses vs Editing classes
    • We have converted hours to minutes during TEMS event creation to bring this in line with the Self-Paced course duration settings. Now all content duration will be set using minutes only. Also Training event duration will be displayed on user side based on configuration set from Admin Toolbar.
  • Restructure JLMSv5 “Customisation” menu as it is just one big long list
    • Customization menu of Admin toolbar had become very lengthy. So we have updated this with a proper menu and sub menu structure to make this more useable and logical. This menu is now called “Configuration”.
  • PENS Test related code changes
    • We have made some security updates in relation to SQL injection to make the site even more secure.
  • Webex Integration – WebEx Release 2.0
    • We have integrated a new module for Webex events as part of this sprint. This is similar to the Adobe Connect integration where it creates host accounts and users on the Webex site and registered user will launch the Webex event directly from the LMS.

The 5.3.3 updates have been rolled out to all clients now and we are now planning what will be included in the next release.


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