jlmscloudhomepagePORTLETS_280JZero are pleased to announce the latest version 2019.5 release of JLMS Cloud, the cloud based Learning Management System built with you in mind.

This release contains improvements to course management options, UX improvements and some great new ways to customise the pages of your site. Here is the full list of updates:

  • Menu Customisation
  • New “Online Training” delivery type added in Training events
  • Smart Login (Intranet)
  • Theme Admin
  • Sub library type of course
  • Feature to assign TEST course to content
  • Added Dropdown list with option type for Custom Registration
  • Auto usage synch
  • New configuration to hide class calendar link
  • New configuration to hide Manager detail on Transcript
  • Show/Hide Library & Learning plan filter
  • AICC course type integration
  • Course Admin Updates
  • Updated Course Usage with Status report
  • Added new portlets on Home & Login page
  • Separate interface for Sub library
  • Added feature for Generic HTML pages
  • Configuration level updates
  • UX updates
  • Preview content without login
  • Edit profile same as custom reg form
  • Registration form UX updates
  • Course Description as Rich text
  • Course launch configuration for admin
  • Admin setting for My Content portlet
  • Forget me feature
  • Added Nickname for user
  • Added Short Title for course
  • Hide/show filters on Sub library page
  • Update News flow in Promotional Portlet
  • Hiding Test course from Library & Portlet
  • Feature to Delete course from System

We are continually working on new updates for JLMS Cloud and will provide updates on the new functions as and when they are released.

Sign up for a JLMS Cloud account today. It’s free for up to 10 users and 20 courses…for life!


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