In a world where the need to train and develop our employees quickly and effectively is a continual pressure, having a vehicle to delivery that training in a speedy fashion is an absolute must.

Organisations globally are continuing to implement Learning Management Systems at an ever expanding rate. According to’s latest report, the eLearning market is forecast to reach $65.41 billion by 2023.

Here we look at 6 signs your organisation may need to jump on the bandwagon and implement an eLearning strategy.

#1 – You are not able to evaluate training effectiveness

If you are struggling to evaluate the effectiveness of your current training methods, then it is time to look at taking your training management online. Using an LMS can provide you a wealth of data that can determine whether your classroom and online learning interventions are providing the knowledge transfer and productivity improvements that they should be.

#2 – Your budget for classroom training is extortionate

Traditional classroom training comes with a plethora of associated costs. Trainer fees, venue hire costs, materials, travel and expenditure and loss of productivity to name a few. This ramps up any training budget considerably and in times of costs squeezing, it is usually the training budget that gets looked at first! An LMS and online learning strategy can bring down those costs to reduce your training budget whilst still providing the same level of training and in most cases, increase the training that you can offer.

#3 – You need to ensure you meet compliance regulations

Most organisations nowadays have some sort of compliance regulation that they must adhere to and there must be able to provide evidence that their employees have been training in this and are compliant. Tracking this based on classroom attendance and spreadsheets can be a bind and it is easy to lose track of compliance. Taking your compliance training online makes this a breeze. Let an LMS handle the tracking and reporting on your employee’s compliance by having all your data held in a central place.

#4 – You need to keep staff trained on new products and solutions

Most businesses sell products. Many of those businesses release new or updated products on a frequent and regular basis. Making sure your employees are up to speed on how those products work and the information that a potential customer would need is a must to ensure you maintain customer satisfaction levels. Pushing out product training to your employees via an LMS and eLearning based courses provides a super quick delivery mechanism where in a matter of days you can have a training course in front of every employee for them to complete. Imagine being able to upskill all of your employees on a new product within 1-2 weeks!!

#5 – You have an increasingly remote workforce

Training an every growing remote workforce can be very tricky indeed. Especially when your training strategy is mainly classroom based. An online learning strategy makes upskilling remote workers a breeze. Push training out to remote workers for them to complete online from any location. Simple. Make standard training and compliance content available for remote workers to pull from at any time. Also simple.

#6 – You need a more efficient process for onboarding new staff

New employees need to feel loved when they join a new organisation. This is generally done through an onboarding process or induction programme. If your induction training requires an individual to deliver some classroom training, then it usually ends up being a while before a new employee can attend such training. You have to wait until you have sufficient new employees to warrant running the class. If you switch that to an online induction training programme, your new staff members can hit the ground running from day 1 and feel the love as soon as they start! CEO videos, important processes and procedures and much more can be delivered in a pre-defined learning plan that is already there and waiting to be completed.

So if you recognise the above signs as being something you experience in your organisation, perhaps it is time to look further into taking your learning online.

JZero Solutions have years of experience in helping organisations implement online learning with our JLMS products. Get in touch with us today to start a discussion on how we can help you.

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