When publishing Continuing Medical Education (CME) related content or broadcasting a live webcast that is CME related within a Learning Management System for Healthcare, the content that is pushed out to a target audience of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) needs to be validated. Especially, when this content is sponsored or produced in association with Pharma companies, when it becomes even more important to ensure the content is validated and this validation will usually happen with the Pharma Companies Medical Legal Department. This content validation process is recorded into any Medical Legal Validation system that might be available, such as Veeva.

So why is the validation process for Pharma Sponsored content so important? The main reason is to ensure the correct information is provided to HCPs on the pharma products to ensure they are aware of:

  • Overview of the product
  • Dosage (Prescription Information)
  • Side Effects
  • Drug Interactions: In terms of effects with other drugs/products

Where by ensuring the above information shared and confirming the accuracy of this information also ensure the pharma company can limit their liability or exposure for not providing all the information required on their products. Therefore the validation process of the content is very stringent with a checklist to ensure all the above level of information is provided but also ensuring the accuracy of this information.

How can Jzero Assist the Medical Legal Validation Process?

Within Jzero we have setup our Webcast platform to assist with the Medical Legal Validation process to ensure any webcast you are planning to broadcast has been validated before it is published for HCPs to register. Below is a typical webcast event planning and delivery process, where the Jzero Webcast solution assists in the delivery of the webcast event:


The above process flow shows how a typical webcast event is planned and supported by the Jzero JLMS Webcast Editor tool. A typical process as shown will consist of these steps:

  • Setting up the initial event, including setup of the following assets:
    • Registration Microsite
    • Emails. Where emails include:
      • Event Invitation Emails;
      • Registration confirmation Email;
      • Reminder Emails; and
      • Post Event Survey Emails.
  • Localisation of these Assets above
  • Validation of these assets in the form of a PDF of all the information to be presented to HCPs, where this PDF can be loaded to a Medical Legal Validation System for confirmation
  • Publication of the validated assets and promotion to HCPs with relevant validated IDs.

Note that the above workflow can be amended as required with the JLMS system to support specific client validation needs to ensure all the information presented to the end customer (i.e. HCPs) is accurate and sufficiently validated.


Please contact Jzero to see how we can assist you in delivering your Webcasts.




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