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Today I want to discuss about comfort zone because I was feeling that I was in my comfort zone since last month or so and I am working on it to get rid of it. There are so many things I learned/observed when I was in comfort zone or say in my rest zone and comfort-zone-1one of them was when you are in comfort zone you start thinking negatively, you start giving excuses and the moment you start giving excuses you will become re-active and the moment you become re-active everything will go out of your control and others start controlling you. You are giving control of your life to others. Do you want to give control of your life to other people?

The interesting thing is that when you try and stay comfortable, you will get more and more discomfort. It is similar like on Sunday you are planning/dreaming to take rest and you get plenty of unplanned work. How irritating is that? We are so concdownloaderned about staying comfortable instead of growing and reaching higher. Are you aware of ‘The Fox and the Grapes’ story? If not then go and check it out on the internet. We all are behaving like the Fox and when things won’t work like we think, we give up after couple of tries and think it is not made for us. It’s easy to despise what you cannot have. Nothing comes easy without hard work.  So work hard and reach to your goals. We are here on earth to constantly grow and evolve into something more so that we can live the life we really want.

Cross the line of your comfort zone and then see what magic happens in your life. You only have two choices in your life:

  • Commit to self-development not self-destruction, constant growth and feel discomfort while choosing and become driver of your own destiny
  • Or, hand over the keys to life and let life happen to you by default!

We have to check our weaknesses, we have to work on it and work on it until it will become strength. No one can beat you until you give up. Set the standards and lead the way. The only way to develop your knowledge and awareness is to try things you have not yet tried, to do things you have not yet done and to create things you have not yet created. This is how we grow.

It is now time to get uncomfortable, it is all waiting for you outside the comfort zone. So what are you waiting for? You can do it!

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