JZero are please to announce the latest version 2017.7 release of JLMS Cloud, the cloud based Learning Management System built with you in mind.

This release contains improvements to course management options, Social Learning notifications and some great new ways to customise the login and home pages of your site. Here is the full list of updates:

  • Course Specialities: set up speciality categories and attached these to courses so that users can filter on these specialities to focus in on specific subject areas
  • Related Content: specify courses that relate to each other, so that on the course details page users can immediately see the related content and view the details of those courses
  • Home Page Portlet Customisation: add and edit new sections to the home page and configure the content for each of those new sections
  • Login Page Portlet Customisation: add and edit new sections to the Login page and set up what is seen in those new sections, such as advertising courses
  • Deep Links for Course Launching: instantly be able to copy a deep link to paste into emails and more, to allow users to click the link, login and directly be launched into a course
  • Social Learning Badge Notifications: improved notifications for social badges that have been awarded to you, where the notification appears as an overlay on the home page when you next log into the system

Sign up for a JLMS Cloud account today. It’s free for up to 10 users and 20 courses…for life!

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