Being proactive means controlling situations by causing things to happen rather than waiting to respond after things happen. Proactive people are constantly moving forward, looking to the future, and making things happen. They’re actively engaged, not passively observing. Being proactive is a way of thinking and acting.

An article written by motivational speaker, Craig Harper in 2007 explains it like this:

Reactive is, “I’ve got massive chest pain and pins and needles down my arm. Maybe I’ll go to the doctor.” Proactive is, “Even though I have no symptoms, I want to live a long, healthy life so I have embraced the life-long habits of healthy eating and regular exercise.”

Here are a few other benefits of being proactive:

  1. Be Prepared: You plan for things in advance and therefore you are prepared to avoid any chaos that can happen tomorrow. You have succession or backup plan ready so you just don’t need to plan things at end moment.
  2. Recognize a need for change: As you are thinking and planning ahead of time, you can very well recognize if somethings needs to be changed for better over the time.
  3. Assuages problems: You can uncover potential problems and minimize the impact by working in advance on it.
  4. Looking forward – seeing at bigger picture: Acting proactively means that you are forward-looking. You start looking at future benefits and change yourself accordingly.
  5. Self-improvement and awareness: When you become proactive, you take charge of yourself. You get to know who you really are; your values, beliefs and the purpose you wish to pursue.
  6. A sense of direction: Once you have raised you self-awareness, you are clearer on the things you wish to achieve from life. Decision-making becomes a lot easier. You start to realize that some of tasks that were eating up your most of the time earlier actually do not move you towards your goals and objectives and therefore not worthy your time.
  7. Peace of mind: You have already planned things for tomorrow. You have an idea of what is coming so you are well prepared for it. You feel safe and secured and that feeling gives you real peace of mind.

Impressed with benefits you get by being proactive? Then why don’t you start being proactive from now! Well, I will help you on the topic of how to be proactive in my next blog. But don’t just sit and wait for that time, start changing yourself for that.


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