JZero are pleased to announce that version 5.3.2 of it’s JLMS Enterprise Learning Management System is now formally released.

This release includes some great new features which are a combination of requests from our clients and partners, plus innovation from the JZero team.

Here is a full list of the latest features and updates included in the release of JLMS Enterprise:

  • Embed APPROVE and REJECT links into course request emails so that Managers can take action on a request directly from the email without having to log into the LMS
  • Google Analytics Integration so that you can add your Tracking ID to the LMS and track page hits, course views and course launches directly in GA
  • User Generated Content functionality has been added to the Social Learning module. This allows any user of the system to upload their own content such as videos, images, documents and web links as searchable and viewable content for all other system users
  • Location updates for when Managers are assigning courses to their team so that they can see the locations of available training to pick the best fit
  • Show a “class full” notification on the class calendar page to easily identify those events which are already fully booked
  • Enhancements to our SCORM 2004 compatibility
  • A new Admin Dashboard to provide access to charts, graphs and reports to enable better reporting and training analysis
  • A new General Survey function to allow you to gather feedback from learners on any subject, not just specific to a course or event
  • Updates to Catalogue and Learning Plan sorting options
  • New text editor tools for setting up your descriptions and agendas for Training Events
  •  A new Admin report to provide quick data on all users in the system and the usage against courses which are already assigned to them
  • Improvements to our Single Sign On Direct Course Launch functionality
  • Social Ratings bar has now been added to the Training Events page
  • A new type of Training Event can be set up to allow users to simply Register Interest

Rollouts of this version are currently taking place for all clients and dates are being emailed out with your schedule.

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