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idea2The Dispatch feature of SCORM creates a Dispatch Package from your original course and hence lets you maintain full control on original content. This will help to secure your content even after it is delivered to LMS.

The Dispatch package is a small shell created from the original course which does not have any content but basically works as a medium between the LMS and original course.

A Dispatch package is itself a SCORM package which is provided to LMS and LMS will load it into its system as a SCORM course.

See below list of problem which arises when original content is directly provided to LMS which can be now solved using Dispatch package:

Course updates
– For each small update, the whole package needs to be sent to the LMS and LMS needs to update that course from their end. Solution: Using Dispatch packages, the original course needs to be updated at our end only and all LMS using the Dispatch package will see updates automatically.


Latest version of course
– As course update is done at LMS end, content providers are not sure whether each LMS is using latest course or not. Solution: Using Dispatch packages, the original course is managed at our content engine and we will be responsible to keep course updated to latest version.


Unauthorized updates in course
– As original course is provided to LMS so there is no control to stop LMS from modifying original course content. Solution: Now LMS is having Dispatch package only which do not have any content so no modification is possible.


Reselling of course
– There is no control over LMS reselling our original course to third party. Solution: As LMS is having Dispatch package so they cannot sell original content. Also each Dispatch package is bound to individual LMS, hence if LMS sell Dispatch to another client then its usage will be calculated in LMS account only.


Usage – There is no control of course usage once we provide it to LMS. I.e. it is difficult to contract with LMS based on usage. Solution: Now we have control over Dispatch usage and we can restrict LMS on using Dispatch package by number of users and hence Dispatch package cannot be launched by more number of users than agreed.


Contract violation
– There is no control over LMS regarding on time bill payment and use of content more than contractual timeframe. Solution: Now we have control over Dispatch and we can inactivate Dispatch package in case of contract violation.


Content other than SCORM
– Not able to provide other content such as TINCAN, DOCUMENT, HTML, etc. to LMS which are supporting only SCORM content. Solution: Dispatch can be generated of any course type (TINCAN, HTML, DOCUMENT, etc.) and hence LMS supporting only SCORM content can access Dispatch and indirectly will be able to access other content as well. Note: only SCORM and TINCAN are supported on the JZero Cloud content engine at present but other content types will be supported in a future release.


So to summarize, we can conclude that Dispatch package is an encapsulation over original content to protect from unauthorized access (same as encapsulation feature provided in OOPS) and additional feature to track and control usage.

Please contact us at to find out more about the Dispatch package feature of the JZero Cloud Content Engine!

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