See the mobile phone we use today.


Now see the phone that was being used 50 years ago.


Also, see the car we use today.


And see the cart that was being used 50 years ago.


If everything changes with time then why can’t we change the education system at the workplace!

The rapid changes and increased complexity of today’s world present new challenges and put new demands on our learning system.

With employees’ time often strained to the maximum in today’s hectic workplaces, finding time to dedicate to ‘classroom’ training can be difficult and costly. Web-based learning provides a cheaper, more flexible training solution that enables employees to train at their desktops, working at their own pace wherever and whenever they want.

Companies spend significant costs on conventional learning systems. Typically, money is spent on trainer and employee commutation, classroom rentals, infrastructure rentals, paper and documentation costs. eLearning is not only cheaper but also greener. In terms of costs, businesses no longer have to spend on commutation, and classroom & infrastructure rentals. Trainer costs are typically one-time since the same material may be reused for multiple batches of learners. Finally, since all of this is in electronic format, paper consumption is significantly reduced. All of this brings about a significant reduction in the bottom-line.

So, E-learning is an alternative to traditional learning in that it is the transferring of knowledge and skills via electronic-based teaching rather than face-to-face instructor-led teaching.

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