LMS Implementation Strategy tip: Testing makes perfect!


Continuing on my theme of LMS Implementation Strategy, the next phase to be considered is the testing aspect of your newly deployed LMS.

The success of any new system roll-out relies on testing to iron out technical issues and possible end user irritations.  This means putting a robust test plan in place and starting your testing as soon as the system is available.

Testing must involve the following aspects:

  • Ensure a robust testing plan is in place involving a wide range of users
  • Document technical issues for the vendor to resolve
  • Test all of your content from as many different locations, browsers and devices as you can
  • Get to know the system and its features and gain clarification from the vendor on areas you are unsure of, asking for additional Admin training if required
  • Prepare any required instructional information for learners

The LMS vendor will usually work with you to put a test plan together and will usually participate in the testing itself.

At JZero, I have worked with many new client’s on the roll-out of our LMS. We work closely with our customer on the testing phase to ensure all eventualities have been covered, as many times there are elements of the system that the client is not aware need to be tested. After all, the LMS vendor is supposed to be the expert, so it should be the case that we would do this every time with each new client…and we do!

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