LMS Implementation Strategy tip: decide on the type of eLearning content you will need


Continuing on from my previous posts regarding LMS Implementation tips, the next step in formulating your strategy is to decide on the type of eLearning content you will need to meet your training goals.

If the LMS that you have is SCORM, AICC or xAPI compliant, then the LMS itself will not be worried about where the content has come from (as long as the content itself is SCORM, AICC or xAPI compliant). So, whether you have purchased “off the shelf”, authored the content yourself or outsourced the bespoke development, the content will operate as expected within the LMS. Note, it is always advisable to obtain a sample course from any proposed content vendor to test within your LMS just to ensure the course and LMS play happily together!

So, your key decision for content is whether as individual method for delivering courses will meet your training goals or should a mix of different modalities be utilised? Consider the following when making this decision:

  • If your goal is to train your employees on the use of an application such as Microsoft Office, the generic “off the shelf” courseware will mostly meet your need.
  • If your goal is to train your staff on the use of internal processes, of which there are many, then the use of an authoring tool with content being developed by in-house subject matter experts will be of most use.
  • Should you want a high profile, rich media and frequently usable course, then you may consider the services of a bespoke content developer whose skills and expertise in the development of eLearning courses will give the wow factor you will be looking for.

Research tells us that a blended approach using a mixture of all of the above methods delivers the highest utilisation with an LMS. Different styles of learning keeps learners engaged.


The JZero LMS can accommodate all types of your eLearning content and more, such as documents, videos, virtual classes and instructor led classroom courses.

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