As you all know that project success is all about the people so hope you know how important and challenging to manage people in project! Actually it is the single most challenging part of managing projects.

There is no secret formula or standards to follow. Management of people is not easy as some people are easy to manage and others are hard. Some are talented but not collaborative where as some are collaborative but not too talented so it is really challenging to manage this subset of the broader employee population. Each personality needs to be managed individually.

Here are the few tips for managing people:

  • Delegation: This is the top priority for any manager. No matter how skilled you are. With team behind you, you can achieve so many important things and that is why it is really very important that you delegate properly. You have to maintain details about skills, experience and competencies within your team and start matching people to tasks.
  • Developing your team: Team made up of people who have different skillgskm-042114-team-1210s and are at different stage of their careers. It is manager’s responsibility to develop all of your people and your skill in this will define your long-term success as a manager. If you can help people to become better then you will be a manager who people aspire to work for and you will make great contribution to your organization too! The most effective way of doing this is to endure that you give regular feedback to your team.
  • Have clear plans: you have to maintain clear plan of what needs to be done as by failing to plan you plan to fail so you have to set short and long term plans.
  • Maintain trust of everyone in the organization: obviously being a manager you have access to more information than other employees. It is imperative that you never betray the confidence of the company or your employees.
  • Positive approach: Being a manager your approach should be solution oriented not just the problem oriented as people gravitate towards solutions oriented people.
  • Become active listeners: As an experience campaigner, most of the managers thought that they know what others are going to say or they are giving less importance to others. Don’t fall into this trap. Most good managers are active listeners which helps them to detect problems early and build trust within teams.

There are so many people who move from being a worker to a manager so you always have to remember that you have to develop a new set of skills like organizing, motivating, developing and communicating in team and make sure to avoid the mistakes that many new managers make!



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