LMS Implementation Strategy tip: appoint a Project Manager and give them time and resources

Online Business Cycle

Continuing on with my theme of LMS Implementation Strategy tips, this week’s post is all about making sure you have a Project Manager internally to control the implementation and to work with the LMS vendor’s Project Manager to collectively manage the process.

Below are 3 key tips to making this work:

Make sure you have an individual with overall responsibility for the delivery of the project

  • Experience has shown us that having a single person responsible for the implementation brings a successful outcome to the project.

Make sure the individual has the time and resources to be successful

  • When such an individual is appointed the responsibility of delivering the project on top of their existing full time job, the results of the project can suffer from aspects such as delayed project delivery and implementation resulting in poor uptake and utilisation.

Avoid “committees” having overall responsibility

  • The same results as above can be seen when a committee is in place but without a single Project Manager coordinating the decisions of the committee.  Once a decision has been made by a committee, the responsibility of implementing that decision must rest with the Project Manager, thus avoiding delays in agreeing requirements and the overall rollout.

So it is essential to have someone with overall control of the implementation to keep it on track and give yourself the best chance of success!


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