Maintaining professionalism can be extremely difficult for leaders who are friendly with their employees, but recognising the line between work life and personal life and striking a balance between the two is critical. Here are few tips that will help you create and maintain your professionalism.

Get to work early:

You should aim to get to work at least 5-10 min before work starts officially. That way you get time to settle in and can start work bang on time. Walking in late constantly isn’t professional.

This will also help with the exceptional days that you are running late, maybe due to traffic or an emergency. You will already have built up a good reputation to this point.

Dress professionally:

When it comes to dressing professionally, you don’t need to wear a business suit every day.

Find out your company’s policy on dressing if you don’t know it. The first thing your clients and colleagues notice about you is your appearance. You need to leave a good and confident impression always.

Make sure your hairdo is on point, nails are groomed and makeup is not loud.

Be respectful of confidentiality:

At workplace, you will have access to information that your employer doesn’t want to make public or revealed to all inside the company. This could include salaries, customer information, news about pending terminations, reasons for a firing, phone codes or computer passwords. It is important to remain true to such confidences placed on yourself. You must gain trust and respect of those confiding in you.

Adhere to company policies:

Most companies produce an employee handbook that frameworks the policies and procedures you should follow. Cautiously review this manual and make sure you’re getting your job done proficiently and to code. Use company policies as your framework for how you perform your job.

Stay Calm:

There will be situations when conflict will arise with your colleagues or clients at workplace. Do not lose control in such situation, instead step away from there if need be. Don’t let insolent people determine your attitude or response.

Improve continually:

Competence is a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour used to improve performance. It grows with experience and to the extent one is willing to learn and adapt. Continuous self-development is a prerequisite in offering professional service at all times.

Be respectful:

Respect is a feeling of admiration or deference toward a person or group. It is built over time and can be lost with one irresponsible or thoughtless action. Continued courteous interactions are required to maintain or increase the original respect gained.

Avoid office politics and gossip:

It’s unfortunate but true that office politics is a way of life as you climb the corporate ladder. But if you avoid office drama and stay far away from co-worker gossip, then you’ll establish the professional reputation you want.

Be accountable:

To be accountable means taking ownership for the results of your actions, for better or worse. As an employee, accountability means the willingness to answer for your actions. By taking responsibility, you send a powerful message to your employer about your character.

Professionalism is extremely valued by every organisation today and professionals are hardly out of work. Apply these tips of professionalism and enjoy a wonderful professional career.

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