Do you know how much efforts it really takes in gaining a new customer? Yes, it takes tremendous efforts for that. But it takes no time to lose one. Here are few tips to provide great customer service to your clients.

Communicate: Communication is the key to enhance customer satisfaction.  Do not procrastinate on replying on email to client or giving a phone call when required. You have to do it anyhow so earlier is better! If you think you are not able to perform client’s job with request severity then also first communicate with client and mutually agree for timeline. If you cannot do it at all then at least let them know that with valid reason.

Confidence: Be confident yourself and also build confidence in your customer. Your customer should be assured that they have made the right decision by choosing you as service provider for them.

Keep clients updated: I remember those days when my mum and dad keep telling me when being late at home, “it’s fine being late sometimes but at least call and inform us that you will be late by so and so time!”.  That’s exactly what we required to do with clients. If you ever face that you might not meet the deadline, update your client right away so that they can plan things accordingly at their end.

Listen: it’s very important to listen to clients and understand what they are actually saying. If you are not clear with anything then ask for clarifications instead of taking assumptions. Lister to their needs and offer them your suggestions that fit into their requirements.

Simple language: Clients may not know all technical jargons used in your field, so avoid using that while communicating with clients. You may find jargons very simple for you but for them it could be like other planet language! So make sure to communicate in terms that they understand.

Create Value: Be efficient in whatever work you do. Try to provide best service to your customer. It will create your reputation.

Take responsibility: If you have made any mistake then take responsibility of it and fix your mistake. Always strive for best quality output. You will be able to gain your customer’s trust that way.

Go the extra mile: Sometimes clients ask for such small things that do not really cost much to you and also it is not much time consuming. You can choose to go the extra mile and do it for them. It will do nothing but make your client happy.

Be solution provider: If customer is asking for something, don’t show them problems; rather provide solutions. No one likes you hear about problems only!

Put Yourself in Their Shoes: When you are doing shopping at mall, or getting some work done by some service provider, how many times you think that you are not getting the best which you really deserve? Your customers think same for you! Always try to think from customers’ point of view. Put yourself on their place and think what will you do in that situation? This will help you treat your customer better.

Last, but not the least, always keep evaluating and keep improving yourself.

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