LMS Implementation Strategy tip: Ensure you have a clear training need aligned to your business objective

There are many factors to formulating a successful LMS and eLearning implementation strategy. Here I am starting a series of posts which will give you some tips on areas to focus in on and what to do.

Ensure you have a clear training need aligned to your business objective


Making sure you have your training need aligned to the overall business objectives is your first step.  This will make any implementation run much smoother and provide ongoing success.  Some questions you need to answer in order to achieve this are:

What are we looking to achieve from implementing eLearning?

  • Management of training?
  • Cost savings?
  • Regulatory Compliance?

How will eLearning benefit the overall business objectives?

  • Training aligned to business processes
  • Training aligned to job role competencies

What additional benefits will eLearning bring to the business?

  • Better trained employees
  • Structured career progression for employees
  • More engaged and happy staff
  • More productive workforce

These are some examples of the questions you need to answer and you will more than likely come up with more questions yourselves. However, the above gives you a good baseline for what you need to determine to ensure your training need is aligned to your overall business objectives.

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