Can you imagine Life without learning? Imagine being born and not learning to breathe in the air! You would be dead in no time!!! We are often confused in education and learning.  Education is only a part of the whole learning experience in the life while as learning is constant process. Learning helps us live every day and constantly grow as a person.

If you want to grow in life, you have to keep learning. Learning helps us to resdownloadpond to danger and react. Have you ever seen a child stuck in the middle of road? They start crying as traffic gets heavier. Whereas adult, in a similar situation, is to run and save themselves. It is because baby has only learned to cry and attract attention so that someone saves it. Even survival is impossible without learning so learning is never complete unless we have both experience and education.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog Technology is moving too fast, things are moving too fast and if we will not keep up to date meaning if we will not learn new things in day to day life we won’t survive. Initiative lies with learners. Learning is a life long process. Learning allows us to stay ahead in the competition. It provides the opportunity to continually expand capacity.

 Have you ever seen the tagline of JZERO? It is ‘Creating wealth through learning’. We know how important learning is in day to day life. We have built a range of eLearninjzero_logog products to meet the needs of the most demanding learning strategy. Our flagship product JLMS, has been developed over many years in partnership with many global corporate clients to  provide easy and effective management of training delivery.  Please read more about us @ We believe that only when people develop, does the society develop and rise.

‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Guys, keep learning and keep doing growth or else you will be out-dated soon and you will be like kid who don’t know how to cross the road!

So what have you learned today?

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