For some people, the thought of implementing an LMS (Learning Management System) is a daunting prospect, a step to far into the unknown. However, perhaps those people don’t realise the level of efficiency improvements that can be gained by doing just that.

Here are 3 fairly straight forward training management efficiency improvements that you will see once an LMS is being used in your organisation:

Content Assignment Automation Rules

You can map your job profile competencies into Content Assignment Automation Rules so that every job role has a set learning path attributed to it. So any new starter in your organisation will automatically be assigned the required training content to complete that is relevant to their role.

This can be induction content to bring them up to speed with how the organisation operates, procedural training for how things are done in their role, systems training and much more.

No more scheduling time with IT for the new employee to be system trained, no more travelling to a location to attend a class on Company Induction, no more loss of productivity and unnecessary expenditure.

Content Completion Reminders

You can set up the LMS to remind employees about training that they need to complete. A simple target completion date setting against the training course is all that is needed and then the system does the rest for you.

So no more tracking who has attended what training in multiple spreadsheets, that get updated by multiple people and no more chasing up those employees to get the training done. Let the LMS do the chasing for you while you concentrate on more pressing matters!

Compliance Training Auto Refresh

In many organisations, it is a requirement for employees to complete certain training on an annual (or other frequency) basis. This can be legal training, food safety training or updates on money laundering tactics.

Manually tracking and re-training employees for this is an arduous task. Using an LMS makes this process a breeze.

Set up some flags against your training for how often the content needs to be refreshed and then some email reminder settings and you are done. The LMS will then do the leg work for you where it will reset the training course for each user at the specified renewal date, send them an email to confirm that the training needs to be completed again and then pop them some reminders if they haven’t completed it. You will even be able to report on historical completion data for audit purposes!

Using an LMS for the above will save you masses of time and make many efficiency gains for you. Keep an eye out for more tips in the coming months!

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