I have started writing blog posts since last month and I posted 2 blogs but daily I am checking those posts like how many people have viewed it or how many liked it or are there any comments for my improvement? The more and more view or like give me happiness and I realized it is totally depend on quality of content you write. There is no meaning if we write 100 posts and no one read it.

So when it comes to dealing with people and what is expected and demanded of them, quality overshadows quantity. Quantity has no meaning if the quality is not there.

But in today’s world people expect do-more-with-less. Even they spend lesQuality-Over-Quantitys money in purchasing phone they expect their device work like iPhone or like any other good configuration smart phone! And this is where organization is facing challenges which is Increasing quantity without letting quality suffer. Customer don’t not appear to want to pay for top-quality products if company is providing cheaper and faster products.

The problem is people don’t understand what quality means! There are so many dimensionqualityvsquantity11s of quality including: Performance, Features, Reliability, Conformance, Durability, and Serviceability. When you choose quantity over quality for do-more-with-less you are actually compromising with any of this! Lower quality work produced quickly with a minimal time and be likely far more profitable with higher margins and attractive price for consumers.

Quality is not a single big initiative. It is little things done consistently and persistently. Quality is not an act it is a habit.

This is an age old lesson that too many of us ignore intentionally. Sacrificing quality for quantity may give you short-term profits but you will quickly run out of race when customers fail to come back. Quality will increase your company’s reputation and increase product loyalty using which your business sustainable in the long run.

We believe in Quality and that is why we opted for ISO 9001 and following world class standards using which we enhance customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.

What you prefer Quality or Quantity?

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