Importance of standards

Have you ever imagined life without standards? Imagine if SIM cards are of different shapes and sizes and each need specific device to work, what if manufacturers produced different size bulbs. What if graphical symbol such as power symbol varied from machinewinningposter2014-hd1 (2480 x 3202) to machine?  What if file extensions are different from country to country? What if size of hard disk and pen drives are different from different manufacturers?

It is nearly impossible to live without standards as it is required for entities to work together smoothly and communicate easily. Standards help us improve business processes and reduce rework and cost.

What is ISO?

scambio_informazioni_5The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting body, group of people from different national standards organizations to share knowledge and develop market relevant International standards to provide solutions to global challenges.


Why ISO?

Few years back we were not following any standards due to which each and every one has their own style of working. People were storing documents on their local machines, codes on local machines or some important information on their local machine

Cost and Benefits

which was very hard to find after few months or whenever needed. Even sometimes it was hard to find latest version of document or code. Also we were not having any mechanism to measure customer satisfaction or to check quality of our products and to get rid of such issues we opted for ISO to help us with continuous improvement and to ensure our customers that their data is safe with us, we are providing cost effective solution with best quality.

ISO has a number of benefits like,

  • For Organizations:
    • Improve Company and product quality
    • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    • Through Quality objectives and procedures, management and employees should be able to focus on what’s important.
    • Each and every one has their roles and responsibility defined.
    • Provide continuous assessment and improvement
  • For Customers:
    • Product with improved quality and reliability
    • Timely delivery
    • Cost saving
    • Data protection
    • Third party audit helps to ensure proper verification process in place.

We found that standards are the backbone of any organization and helpful to consumers so it is the bridge of Trust and Quality. I am happy to be part of it and it is really helpful too, what are you waiting for?


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