I recently wrote a blog on how we evolved our LMS Solution (JLMS) from a typical eLearning solution with blended learning (Supporting Classroom based learning) to Virtual Classes and Webcasts (See blog post here). We evolved the solution to support webcasts within the Pharma (Pharmaceutical) industry as we worked with a number of clients in this industry supplying CME (Continued Medical Education) solutions using the eLearning feature on our LMS.

The pharma industry holds many marketing and informational/Educational events where they invite Health Care Professionals (HCPs) to these events to provide information on their products or as a service to HCPs to enable knowledge sharing. However, there are times when HCPs do not have the time to attend these events due to other commitments. To get around this issue, the online webcast channel can be a great way to allow these HCPs to attend these events right at their desk by Webcasting the events online and also complement any other online offering such as CME that they might offer. The webcast can also be useful after the event as they can be recorded and offered as a recorded webcast to both HCPs that attended and those who could not.

When our pharma client first came to us to see how we could assist with their Webcast channel using our LMS solution, we looked at the typical process that might happen to plan and deliver a webcast. Then we looked at how this process could be assisted with our LMS, where the following diagram shows how the LMS complements this process:


Note that the above process has evolved over the past 3 years, where we now support events that run over a single day as a single webcast or as multiple session events as eSymposiums.

We have developed the solution where when creating a webcast, the event can be setup and reviewed online before being approved for promotion.

Once approved, the promotion can be done online via email campaigns where we manage a number of email templates and also have the option of having print based invites that sales reps can hand out to their HCP clients.  The events promotional collateral have links to the online resources to register the HCPs to attend the events.

The Webcast event then can be broadcast with the LMS recording those that attended, thus offering the option to allow these HCPs to get CME/CPD credits for attending events as part of the Post Event reporting and communications.

As you can see we have evolved JLMS to support online events for HCPs that go above and beyond eLearning. And we continue to evolve the solution working with our Pharma clients, so watch this space!



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