The technology industry is constantly evolving, new threats and challenges are emerging, and IT departments are constantly asked to do more with less. IT training is crucial in not only the professional development of technology professionals but in helping them stay on top of the latest technology trends while keeping the organizations up-and-running at all times.

Certification is a key strategy in further enhancing JZero into a world class development house, able to provide up to date solutions to our clients in fast, profitable way.

Certifications allow us to ensure all our team members are up to speed, and at least have the basics of knowledge required. Information technology is a fast moving field, and what one may have learnt from a senior developer 3 years ago is now out of date. Certifications allow JZero to ensure that our staff at least have a thorough basic knowledge of the field they are in, instead of years of experience in one small area.

All certification programs contain some type of assertions or statements regarding a minimum standard for the information, concepts, skills, and technologies that credential holders know and must master. Many certifications must also be renewed every two or three years, either by taking a current cert exam(s) or through continuing education credits, to keep knowledge and skills up to date. This way we ensure that our staff are always up to date with their knowledge and skills.

Advantages that JZero gets from certified staff:

  • All Staff have a proven minimum of knowledge in their area.
  • All staff are up to date, and don’t only have ‘old knowledge’.
  • All staff find the best solution for a problem, instead of only staying with the old solutions they know.
  • JZero can be ensured of having efficient, profitable staff that earn higher wages through smarter choices
  • Downtime and repair of anything IT can cost a company a ton of money. Certified staff ensure a speedier recovery.
  • Certifications enable organizations to reduce expenses, identify knowledge gaps and improve productivity

Advantages that staff get after being certified:

  • They stand ahead of those who are not certified, a class above.
  • Companies always tend to pay more to certified staff than not certified. They are also promoted faster. This is because they contribute better, faster and higher quality solutions to JZero, thus improving profits.
  • A certification can be a qualifier for a position. Keep in mind that the one, who has a certification, adds value to his resume. A certification may do nothing more than get their resume a second look – which may be more than their competitors gets.
  • Out with the old, in with the new! Who is going to have an upper-hand on new technology upgrades? Well, it’s the one who get certified!
  • With my own experience I can say that it really gives boost to their confidence. Passing certification is not easy. They have to plan it, work hard and reach it. With this they gain confidence which spills over into all aspects of their life.
  • Establishes them as a continuous learner. We as an employer always look for people who never want to stop learning. Learning is a value into itself, and those around them will respect and admire them for it, and sometimes even be a little jealous! It creates a healthy competition among them which leads them to even more learning!

One might argue that he is already having a degree after completing some 3 or 4 years professional course. But that does not prove that you’ve maintained that level of proficiency. Only certifications will attest to that. Upgrading self with technology is important, and certifications can certainly demonstrate that you’re doing that.

Still having any doubts on importance of certification? Just get yourself one as I did and experience the difference!

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