Within Jzero we have offered a blended learning solution in JLMS (Our Learning Management Solution[LMS]) for over a decade now, with the initial development of our module to support classroom based learning with eLearning. The latter being our Training Events Management (TEMs) module, which allowed our clients to set-up and offer classrooms based learning to their users. The module allowed for the management of

  • Classroom locations
  • Classroom Instructors
  • Manage Classroom Pre and Post Material
  • Manage User Capacity to Classroom event

We then later evolved our TEMs module to support Virtual classrooms by first integrating to the Learnlinc virtual learning environment, then later evolving this to support other popular tools such as: Webex, Adobe Connect, and Goto Meeting, where we integrated to all these services via an API (Application Programming Interface), which allows us to:

  • Seamlessly set-up a class on the virtual classroom environment.
  • Register and allow seamless access for users into the virtual classroom.
  • Manage capacity of learners to these virtual classrooms
  • Offer instructors admin(presenter) access to the virtual classrooms.

The above effectively allows us to manage virtual classrooms as if they were physical classrooms, allowing our clients to use JLMS as a truly blended learning solution offering both Physical and Virtual classes with the traditional on-line (eLearning) offering from the LMS.

Once we allowed for virtual classrooms to be managed, we had a number of clients who wanted to offer recorded sessions of the virtual classes as eLearning and this allowed us to integrate the recording as videos into eLearning courses.

This then lead us to look at a solution for webcasts where clients wanted to offer talks and training from specialists from various subject matter experts to their users or customers. For us it was logically to evolve the TEMs solution to support webcasts as these needed the following features that we could offer

  • Promotion of the Webcast via the Learning Plan, Course Catalogue or a micro-site.
  • Registration of users to attend the webcast
  • Broadcast of the webcast using on-line tools such as Webex, Adobe or ON24
  • Post Webcast the system offers a replay of the event from recordings and can send an optional survey email to get feedback on the event.


With the addition of the webcast solution we now offered a truly blended learning solution that allowed for our clients to not only offer eLearning but also physical and virtual classrooms that are complimented with a Webcasting solution.

In future we will see the solution evolving even further as technology such as Virtual Headsets become mainstream and we can see webcasts broadcast in Virtual Reality, allowing users to attend conferences virtually on-line as Virtual Online Webcasts.

More information

  • For Jzero’s TEMs module can be found on our website, here and also in this PDF.


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