We’ve all been there, where we have a critical piece of information that all employees need to read and understand and need a mechanism to get that information out to everyone.

Historically, the easiest and fastest method for this has been via email. You just craft your email text, attach your PDF document with the information and hit send!

But how do you know who has and has not read the information? Obviously, you can set up read receipts when you send the email, but that still doesn’t tell you who read the attachment…or even who read the email itself!

So this is where an LMS comes into play.

Using an LMS, such as JLMS Enterprise or JLMS Cloud, you can upload your PDF as a piece of learning content. You can then assign that new course to all employees either manually or using built in automation tools and have the LMS send them an email advising that the course has been assigned to them and they must complete it.


Easily assign content to your employees


Hang on…that all sounds a bit similar to the email process I talked about just now doesn’t it. Well this next part is where the LMS knocks the email method out of the park!

Using the reporting capabilities built into the LMS, you can very quickly and easily see who has and more importantly, has not completed the content. And for those people who have not, you can then push reminders out to them telling them they still need to complete it.

Simple, but powerful.

So as you can see, an LMS isn’t just for loading up eLearning courses and training classes, it can also be used to ensure your employees have consumed critical business information and are therefore as informed as they can be.


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