Today we have rolled out phase 1 of the JLMS Cloud facelift.  We have made a lot of UI updates which in turn will provide better UX for our users.

This update also brings the interface more in line with our JLMS Enterprise platform and is a first step in making the two systems common in look and feel.


JLMS Cloud’s new interface is more in line with JLMS Enterprise


Main updates include:

  • Login page has ben updated to be more informative to the learner before accessing
  • Header navigation is now a series of icons rather than text links which makes use of the system on a mobile device much easier
  • Better default course images depicting the style of learning, bringing more colour to the viewer
  • Cleaner layout making navigation a lot easier for users

The new login page is more informative for learners


As stated, this is only phase 1 of the facelift. More updates will be coming along soon and we will keep you posted on these as they happen!


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