Velfie is a term I have recently come across.  It’s a hybrid of video and selfie, so a video of yourself. This has been a common practice for some time but only recently have I learned of the proper slang for it! I expect my 5 year old daughter already knows this term!

The Velfie is a powerful learning aid. Let’s look at YouTube and the power that has to teach anybody about anything.  Only recently, I learnt how to replace the lock on my patio doors because the key had jammed in there. Hey presto, someone had posted a video onto YouTube for me to follow and fix my problem. It is the most widely used way of sharing knowledge with other people that I can think of.

Furthermore, learning from peers is one of the most common ways we all learn in our jobs. Those watercooler moments where Jeff tells Susan about a new Excel trick he has found, or when Susan tells Janet about how to print from the new expenses system.


Uploading video content can be simple for any user.


And it can be used for almost anything. A simple video of yourself giving some tips on a subject or a video of you demonstrating how to accomplish something. The possibilities are endless.

The power of the Velfie is too good to ignore.  With Social Learning now embedding itself into many organisation’s learning strategies, this is a really effective way to capture the knowledge that your employees and learners already have. Empowering them to capture this knowledge and share it with their peers makes perfect sense. No longer will learners have to go and find who it is that knows how to do X, Y and Z. A simple search within the LMS and that knowledge can be found, viewed and transferred.

Plus they are cheap and easy to produce. You just need a smartphone and a spare 15 minutes and you are ready to go! Velfies are not meant to look like Hollywood productions so you don’t really need to worry about expensive studios or lighting. Just don’t try to video yourself in a dark room!


Users can add in their own Velfie content as learning material for other LMS users to benefit from.


Video learning is possibly the most engaging way for us to learn. We are all very visual learners and therefore viewing someone via a video is a very effective way of gaining knowledge. A video is an honest portrayal of what that person is trying to convey. Telling true stories about mishaps that have actually happened really hits home!

We have just built this functionality into our JLMS platforms, allowing learners to upload their own Velfie’s (and obviously other video content) and much more. We are expecting great results form this for our customers so that they can benefit from harnessing the knowledge that their employees already have and building engagement within the LMS by giving employees the chance to contribute and also see what their peers are having to say!

So I encourage you to take a moment and think about all of the knowledge that you could share via a Velfie and whether this is a strategy that would work well in your organisation.

If it is, JZero Solutions can help you to bring that strategy to fruition.

Happy learning!





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