Things you didn’t know about the JZero Learning Management System #11

This post is part of a series looking at the varying functionality in JLMS.

Things you might not know about JLMS – Single Sign On

An add-on for JLMS is our JLogin module. JLogin provides you with single sign-on and seamless authentication capabilities from your internal network directly into the JLMS Enterprise platform. It allows your learners to simply click a link on the Intranet to access their training plan or even launch directly into an elearning course.

JLogin can be deployed in simple mode where we pick up the learner’s network ID from the Intranet page, or it can be integrated with your ADFS system.


  • Single click for user registration, course assignment, and course start
  • Instant access to courseware via your Intranet pages
  • Provides seamless authentication, avoiding users having to log into systems multiple times


The JLogin software provides for easy one click access to training using the concept of single sign-on. It allows users to simply click a link on the intranet to access their training plan without having to login again.

Alternatively, JLogin can be configured to provide single click links to online courses on your intranet. One click from the users and they are logged into to the LMS, and the course starts immediately.

Reducing the barriers to learning is made up of a lot of smaller remedies, of which JLogin forms part of by giving the easiest route through to the learning as possible.

Happy learning (and happy learners)!!

Matt Eggby


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