This post is part of a series looking at the varying functionality of JLMS.

Things you might not know about JLMS – Content Tagging

To make searching easier for other users, JLMS allows any user of the system to tag content with additional keywords. So if a user struggled to find some content about “pivottables” as they were searching for “pivot tables”, then they could add in the words pivot and tables as separate keywords against the course they did eventually find.

This then allows other users to be able to more easily find that content.


Administrators have a moderation role too. So should a keyword be added that is not appropriate, an Administrator has the ability to remove any such keywords.

As you can see in the below image, the keyword that has been added has a small “x” next to it where the Administrator can click to remove it. Simple as that!


So just another small feature that makes up the wealth of user and Admin functionality within JLMS.

Happy learning!!

Matt Eggby


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