This post is part of a series of blog posts looking at the varying functionality of JLMS.

Things you might not know about JLMS – Course and Class Approvals

JLMS includes administration functionality to allow Admins the ability to set courses or classes up so that they require Manager approval.

So, should you have some high value elearning courses that you only want specific users to complete or you have face to face training that needs an employee’s Manager to agree to prior to attending, then JLMS allows you to do this…on a course by course or class by class basis.

The entire process flow has built in email alerts, so that the Manager is emailed as soon as the employee makes the request. Then the employee is emailed as soon as the Manager actions the request.

If the employee is requesting to attend a face to face classroom course, they will also be emailed Joining Instructions at the point of Manager approval, which will include a calendar invite to save into their email client.

Simple but powerful features are everywhere in JLMS!!

Happy Learning 🙂

Matt Eggby


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