Things you didn’t know about the JZero Learning Management System #7

This post is part of a series of blog posts looking at the varying functionality of JLMS.

Things you might not know about JLMS – Knowledge Forum Rules

JLMS comes equipped with a fully featured discussion board, allowing students to interact with each other about all kinds of topics.

Forums and topics can be created by Administrators as per the organisation’s needs and as a part of this, access rules can be set up to distinguish who can and cannot contribute to a forum.

07Knowledge forum page

So let’s say you have a team of IT professionals who you wish to provide a ring fenced Discussion Forum so that they can discuss all things technical. You can create an access rule which states that only students who are in the IT department can see and contribute to that particular forum.

It is therefore really easy to start to create communities of practise within the overall Knowledge Forum, while still allowing all students to contribute to the more generic forums which you have created.

Just one more feature of JLMS which gives you more power to embed your learning strategy!

Happy Learning 🙂

Matt Eggby


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