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Things you might not know about JLMS – TRAINING EVENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

JLMS includes a comprehensive training events system that is fully integrated with eLearning, allowing scheduling and managing of class based training events for a blended solution. This allows integration of in-person events with eLearning for a complete learning solution.

05Training Classes page

Instructors can post Training events to the system, and this can be accessed and booked online by students.
Training events can include:

  • In person attended events such as Classrooms or Seminars
  • Live web cast events or Recorded web-cast events

Multiple venue types are allowed, such as Conference Hall, Learning Centre, and Meeting Rooms.

Both In-House and External training events are allowed and events can be categorised in two customisable ways, such as:

  • Core, Function, Leadership, Programming, Specialised

Both internal and external instructors can be given access to the system, with different access level to each and Event Co-ordinators have a separate user type with different access.

Information held about each event includes:

  • Event Type
  • Event Designer/developer
  • Subject
  • Location
  • Event Owner
  • Expense Types
  • Event Supplier
  • Currency and cost
  • Time Zone
  • Validity
  • Audience
  • Level
  • Other data can be collected as required

A complete Request and Approval system looks after the details of who will attend.

Email templates are editable, and can be sent for:

  • Joining Instructions, Cancellation, Student requests, Waiting, Approved, Rejected

An Add Event wizard takes you through the steps required to set up an Event.
A Learning calendar is available for students, and instructors are able to view their own calendar.

For more information on JLMS Enterprise, the flexible Learning Management System from JZero Solutions, please email us at or visit our website at

Happy Learning 🙂

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