An LMS Administrator’s time should be spent concentrating on making sure the right content is available to their learners, not manually adding learners to the system which will have already been added to an HR database.

JLDAP is our auto data synchronisation tool which can take an export of learner profile information from an HR database and auto-load that data directly into the JLMS database on a nightly basis.

This massively reduces the administration overhead and will also ensure that updates made in your HR database will be accurately reflected in the LMS.


Most companies will want to provide their users with easy access to the LMS, whereby they would need to populate the LMS with user information. To populate the LMS database manually with user information and to have to maintain this database as staff move around or leave the organisation or new staff are hired comes with a large administration overhead. Most of this information updating also needs to be conducted within the LDAP or HR systems, thus duplicating the workload.

To remove this dual administration overhead, the JLDAP application has been developed to allow data to be interfaced between your data source and the LMS. With a simple to use browser interface, LDAP Connector can be run on almost any PC or Server.

JLDAP also supports the following as sources of information in addition to ADS and NDS:

  • Text database (CSV or TXT format) through ODBC provider
  • Any other standard database format (like Access, SQL Server, Oracle etc.) through ODBC providers
  • These are applicable for customers who do not want to allow the application to directly communicate with the data source, and helps the transfer of user information from one database to another database. 

JLDAP Advantages

  • Simple to Use
  • Cost effective solution that can provide saving on administration overheads.
  • Application is web based and no additional applications need to be installed on individual user PCs.
  • All historical change data is managed within database for reporting purposes.
  • Automatic updates can be scheduled to ensure minimum user intervention.

JLDAP Product Features

  • Setup wizard to integrate LDAP source to LMS.
  • Automatic loading of initial data from LDAP source to the LMS.
  • Easy management of User Grouping data transfers to the LMS.
  • Exception reporting for data conflicts.
  • Management of change data records for historical reporting.

For more information on JLDAP Auto Data Loading technology from JZero Solutions and how we can help you solve the challenges of your learning solution, please email us at or via


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