Single sign on technology provides users with a seamless authentication mechanism to allow access to different systems without being prompted to log in again to each of them.

Our JLogin module provides this mechanism for ease of access into the JLMS platform.

The JLogin solution has two components:

  • Web Pages authenticate users from their network login or a user id variable sent from a client’s intranet to the LMS. Where the user is not found, the system will add the user into the LMS automatically. This feature can be de-activated for clients that wish to add their own users and assign curriculum/courses.
  • A Simple Database conversion tool (based on MS-Access) allows clients to import user’s real name from flat CSV files generated from their LDAP or HR Systems. Alternatively the more complex tool, LDAP Connector can be used, which effectively automates the entire solution by talking to Windows Active Directory or an LDAP data source to populate JLMS directly from this source. Hence, the client does not need to generate flat files and run this database utility.

JLogin is provided in two modes:

Log into Home Page

This mode seamlessly authenticates the user into the LMS and lands them onto the Home Page:


Direct Course Launch Mode

This mode seamlessly authenticates the user into the LMS and bypasses the main LMS pages to directly launch a course:


JLogin Advantages

  • Provides seamless login, avoiding users having to log into systems multiple times if they are already logged into network environments.
  • Simple to Use.
  • Cost effective Solution with saving on administration overhead, as users can be managed automatically.
  • Provides easy integration between Intranet and Internet sites.

JLogin Product Features

  • Automated setup wizard.
  • User-friendly configuration interface.
  • Auto registration facility for users not already in the LMS.
  • HTML help document is provided with the product that explains every aspect of installing, configuring and using the product.
  • LDAP Connector Add In is also available (as separate package) to get user’s information from Active Directory while auto registering user.

For more information on JLogin Single Sign On technology from JZero Solutions and how we can help you solve the challenges of your learning solution, please email us at or via

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