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Things you might not know about JLMS – LEARNING PLAN RULES

In addition to the ability to add Catalogue Access Rules, JLMS allows administrators to also create Learning Plan Rules, which auto loads content into a learner’s plan based on organisational hierarchy settings, such as Department or Job Role.

So let’s say you have a competency matrix which states that a person with Job Role XYZ requires a specific set of competencies, which in turn, map to specific content within the LMS.

rules _learningplan

An administrator can create a Learning Plan Rule to pre-load that set of content into the learning plan of all users who have the specific job role. So when those users log into the LMS, they will automatically see the courses which have been assigned to them and are therefore mandatory to complete.

As and when users move job roles within the organisation, the courses which are relevant to their new set of competencies will automatically be assigned to them and will be seen the next time they access the LMS.

The courses assigned to the rule can be changed as and when required by a simple update to the rule settings, making it very easy for administrators to manage which content is automatically required for all learners.

Just another great feature of JLMS!

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